Man Slits Wrist While Playing ‘Momo Challenge’ in Cuttack

Man Slits Wrist While Playing 'Momo Challenge' in Cuttack

Police have seized his mobile phone and investigations revealed he was playing ‘Momo challenge’


A man in Odisha’s Cuttack district had slit his wrist with a sharp weapon while playing the online game ‘Momo challenge’, police said Monday.

The man, a resident of Jharakuta village, is now undergoing treatment at the SCB Medical College Hospital in Cuttack. The doctors said the man is now out of danger from the self inflicted injury but he needs psychological counselling.

The man had slit his wrist last week.

Police have seized the man’s mobile phone and preliminary investigations revealed that he was playing the ‘Momo challenge’ as the same was downloaded in his phone, a police officer said.

“He initially tried to cut his wrist through a blade but latter used a sickle,” said a relative of the the man.

The man’s father said “his son was working in a private company. But over the past week, instead of going to his workplace, he was busy with his mobile phone”.

Family members of the man said he was hooked to his mobile phone for past several days and was remaining detached from the family and neighbours.

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