Man Buys Game Character For $1.4 Million, His Friend Sells It For $552

Man Buys Game Character For $1.4 Million, His Friend Sells It For $552

A man spent $1.4 million buying a character in ‘Justice Online’.

In a bizarre case, a man bought a game character for $1.4 million (approximately Rs 9.9 crore), and his friend later sold it for a mere $552 (approximately Rs 39,000)using the in-game marketplace. According to a report by South China Morning Post, the man in China spent $1.4 million buying a character in ‘Justice Online’ – a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

However, his friend, who was given the character to play, sold it for $552. He defended himself by saying it was a mistake and he was trying to sell the character back to his friend. He said he made a typo while listing the character’s price due to exhaustion from too much gaming.

The character, according to Kotaku News, was snapped up quickly after it appeared on the game’s marketplace

After the mix-up, the man who originally bought the character sued his friend as well as NetEase, the Chinese gaming company that runs Justice Online. The case was ultimately settled when NetEase revoked the transaction, returning ownership to the plaintiff. However, he was also forced to pay nearly $13,000 in damages to the gamer who bought the character.

After the settlement, the local court in Sichuan shared a post on social media warning gamers not to spend too much on video games.

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