‘How Kanjoos Are You?’ CEO Reveals Why Office Building Had Paan Stains

'How Kanjoos Are You?' CEO Reveals Why Office Building Had Paan Stains

Alok Kejriwal shares three key lessons on the importance of frugality.

Gaming business is no child’s play  and who would know it better than Alok Kejriwal, the founder and CEO of online gaming portal Games2win! Mr Kejriwal, who is also seen on reality show MTV Dropout, actually dropped out of his family business to pursue his dreams. Mr Kejriwal  in a Twitter post on Tuesday shared three key lessons on the importance of frugality he has learnt in his journey as an entrepreneur:

“The silly money you save is not moneys. It’s about creating a mindset not to waste money. 2) Costs escalate very fast. Revenues don’t. I prefer spending with caution 3) In funding winters, frugality reigns supreme. In fact, when summer comes, you have stopped bothering about the weather,” Mr Kejriwal said.

He also described how for 17 years he has been working in the same office which was once paan-stained!  Mr Kejriwal cited his conversation with investor Ash Nilani at Games2win’s first board meeting. Mr Lilani, the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Saama Capital, asked him to move to a better place, to which Mr Kejriwal said: “We keep the corridors stained so that rents remain low. We are happy as is…”

Mr Kejriwal’s dream is to own a billion dollar company, he says in his LinkedIn profile. “I actively mentor first generation entrepreneurs looking at starting out on their own and help them by VC (venture capital) contacts, negotiating funding, start up strategy, introduction to brand and media owners and all kinds of service providers,” states his LinkedIn profile.

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